Remote Dental Billing and Patient A/R

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Bond Dental Billing Evolves With Wisdom   

Introducing Wisdom: Elevating Dental Revenue Cycle Management with Expertise and Innovation Like everything in life, Dental Revenue Cycle Management is always evolving. At Bond Dental

The Future of Remote Dental Billing

The future of remote dental billing looks bright, with more and more dental practices opting for this cost-effective and efficient solution. Here are some predictions

Dental Coding 101

Dental coding updates can be a major source of confusion and frustration for dental practices. These updates can affect the codes that you use to

5 Secrets to Claim Submissions

Submitting dental claims correctly is essential for the financial success of your practice. Properly submitted claims can help to ensure that you get paid promptly

5 Easy D.I.Y. S.E.O. Tips

“SEO”- the mysterious three letter acronym. Don’t let tech mumbo jumbo paralyze you from knowing how to effectively increase your SEO (A.K.A. search engine optimization)

Can I Just Be Billed?

How often do we get that question in the dental office? Every time it hits you like a wall of bricks, doesn’t it? Let’s make

Control Your Aging in 1-2-3

One of the most important systems in your office is your account aging protocol. If not watched closely, your numbers can skyrocket and accounts can

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